Jakarta's most urgent problem

Gerbert Pleijter | December 03 2012 04:50 | 0 comments

The end of a journey

One of the biggest problems of Jakarta is its land subsidence; this is clearly visible in North Jakarta. Jan Jaap Brinkman of Deltares showed us around the Jakarta Coastal Sea Defense project where he has been working on for the last 20 years.

Main driver for the changes that have been made to the cities sea defense were triggered by the big flood of 2007 when the seawall completely overflowed for hours. A new flood wall has been build and a 50cm thick wall now holds back the water which is, on average, one meter higher than the land directly behind. To cope with future settlement and sea level rise the Jakarta Coastal Sea Defense project is initiated. In this project, sea level rise is only a minor problem compared to the 15cm/year subsoil settlement. This multi year projects aims to project Jakarta in the coming years and should be completed around 2020. Furthermore, water management projects and construction of drainage pumps are ongoing to cope with high river discharges and high rainfall which, because of high urbanization, also lead to big flooding.

With this site visit to northern Jakarta, my internship in Indonesia comes to an end. Last four months I have been working on several water related projects. I really enjoyed working on it and got to experience a little bit of what working for an engineering company is all about.

I really want to thank NEDECO for the opportunity to use this platform and all Royal Haskoning Indonesia and TU Delft staff for their help and support during the internship. In a few days, I’ll fly back to Holland which marks the end of a journey. I enjoyed it from start to finish and will certainly remember it for long time.

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